Classes Tailored To Your Child

I offer four different programmes dependent on age and experience with the French language.
Each class is tailored to your child’s individual ability.

Les aventures de Minou et Trottine et les jouets

Dive into the French World of Minou le chat and Trottine la souris as they enchant you with their stories, songs and rhymes. You will meet their amazing friends along the way who will help you learn about the wonderful world we live in and understand all those feelings we experience! This programme suits children between the ages of 4 to 7.


Salut Céline et Antoine

Join Céline and Antoine and make new friends through songs, flash-card games, short role plays, reading, listening and writing activities. You will learn useful, meaningful French vocabulary and cultural facts while having fun! Céline and Antoine will ensure you develop a love and skill for languages that will last a lifetime. This programme is tailored for children between the ages of 7 to 9.


Bonjour la France

This programme is perfect for children aged 9 to 12. Beginner or advanced in the French language, be prepared to be immersed into French culture through songs, games and role plays suited to older children. Reading, listening and writing activities are more elaborate as children acquire a “feel” for the language.


Mon tour de France

Prepare for a new challenge with Mon tour de France. This programme is suited for children aged 9 and over who have completed the Bonjour la France programme or for children who have prior knowledge of the French language. Mon tour de France is packed with extended vocabulary and role plays as well as more complex listening comprehensions, reading and writing activities. Learn about France’s regions following the theme of the “Tour de France”!


Need help?

Not sure which class is right for your child? Questions about the programmes provided? Please do not
hesitate to give me a call and together we can decide the best programme for your child’s abilities.

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