What do I need for the classes?

You need:

  • a device such as a computer, laptop, tablet or smart T.V with a good internet connection and Zoom App downloaded
  • a white board with markers and eraser, A5 to A4 size
  • a printer device is recommended to print extra worksheets and/or a copy book to draw/write
  • a valid e-mail address for correspondence and links to the live classes.
How much are the classes?

You can enrol for a block of 10 classes for €80, 20 classes for €152 (5% discount) or 30 classes for €216 (10% discount). Siblings discount applies from the second child and to the value of 5% off. If your child is starting a programme, an activity book with audio app code is necessary (€20 per unit). See full terms and conditions for more details.

How long does a class last for?

The length varies according to the programmes: 

  • Les aventures de Minou et Trottine: 35 minutes per class.
  • Salut Céline et Antoine : 45 minutes per class.
  • Bonjour la France : 45 minutes per class.
  • Mon tour de France : 45 minutes per class.
How do I join the live classes?

After enrolment, I will be in touch via e-mail to guide you throughout the lessons and to inform you about the start date and time. A link to join the live classes will be sent on your e-mail prior to the live class.

How often are the classes?

Classes take place on a weekly basis with two yearly breaks (Christmas and summer). Once enrolled, I will contact you with your child’s programme’s timetable. Classes missed are not refundable. Classes might be rescheduled from the teacher in case of force majeure.

When are the classes during the week?

Please contact me to acquire more information regarding the timetables of my French classes.

What happens after enrolment?

After enrolment, I will contact you via e-mail and inform you on the class start day and time (a minimum amount of pupils is required in order to start a class).

How many pupils per class?

Class numbers vary between 8 and 12 in general. Class numbers are kept low to ensure pupils participation. The programmes emphasize on oral communication skills and I ensure pupils get the opportunity to participate and practise their oral skills several times per lesson.

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