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  • The title: “Learn French from a native speaker.” I would like to replace with: “Award Winning French Classes for Children” and no full stop there please.
  • The writing “French is fun with Nathalie” in the red bubble over my picture in front of the French map has a spelling mistake: Nathalie with a “h” please!
  • The picture across: “LA JOLIE RONDE Award Winning Methodology” needs to be replaced as it is another license’s picture and La Jolie Ronde has asked me to replace it! I can take a picture of the books, certificates, medals tomorrow and send if required.
  • Right underneath in red capital writing: “CLASS LEVELS” I would like this replaced with: “PROGRAMMES” please.
  • I love the animals and programmes pictures; exactly what I wanted there. One big issue: I think the clickable link to the video explaining the programmes should be the actual picture of the programme (under the animal). Or the actual name of the programme if that is not possible. And the big mistake: there is only ONE video that explains the FOUR programmes so the link should all go to that one video!
  • Change: « Les Aventures de Minou et Trottine et Les Saisons » with « Les aventures de Minou et Trottine et les jouets ». (no capital letter for aventures)
  • In the Salut Céline et Antoine section: please change « culture facts » with « cultural facts ».
  • Under the red bubble « suitable for ages 9+ with prior knowledge » take away the capital letter in the word « Tour ». (Mon tour de France)
  • In the need help section: I had asked Marcin to insert a FAQ link on the left hand side of the Contact now and in the same format. The idea is that the customer is encouraged to read the FAQ before contacting me as most questions are answered there.
  • Testimonials part is fine, thanks.
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